Why Lova?

1- Guaranteed First 100 Nights

The first 100 nights you will spend in Lova is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you can change or return your Lova.

2- Personalized Mattress Selection Assistant

Lova Sleep Test, which helps you to customize your sleep, sets you up with the Lova that suits you best with a special mattress assistant service and introduces you to perfect sleep.

3- Recent Innovations in Sleep Technology

Heat and humidity control is meeting in Lova with new generation patented spring systems, memory foam technique, dry&soft technology that transfers heat and moisture. Healthy sleeps and pleasant mornings await you with Lovas designed by utilizing the latest technology.

4- Wake Up Fresher and Better Rested

Your new Lova supports the natural curvature of your spine with many points of contact, relaxes your muscles, your nervous and circulatory systems.

5- Guaranteed Hygiene

The effective antibacterial properties of Aegis technology used in Lova have been approved by international organizations. Thanks to this technology, Lova mattresses that provide an extremely hygienic sleeping environment increase your quality of life and sleep.

6- Solutions for Different Sleeping Types of Couples

Lova, which introduces a personalized sleep experience for couples with different sleeping positions and habits, offers the most comfortable sleeping environment for you and your partner in a single mattress, meeting different needs with its specially developed spring and layer technologies.

7- Products for Children’s Development

An ideal baby and child mattress should have high-quality sponge or latex layers. Lova’s designs for the development of your child do not contain harmful organisms, helps their muscle and spine development by facilitating adaptation to rapid growth.

8- Perfect Productive Sleep in Every Detail with Wide Product Range

You will have your sleeping comfort with yourself in every detail with pillows that are developed for the right support that your head and tongue need, with special fabrics that take up stress and humidity depending on your lifestyle, and extra layered drawsheets that enhance sleep quality, to perfection.

9- Storage Beds & Headboards

Complete the perfect sleep with perfect details. With the meticulously crafted details of Lova’s storage beds and headboard sets, you can create not only a room for your style, but also a storage area.

10- Premium Comfort

You will feel yourself in the comfort of a hotel with the sleeping experience you will experience in Lova.

Guaranteed 100 nights with the most comfort with Lova. If you are not satisfied, you can change or return your Lova.
"Lova Sleep Test for you to customize your sleep, meet your special perfect sleep with your personalized mattress assistant.
With its high quality materials and patented technologies, Lova Sleep helps muscular and spinal developments of children.
When was the last time you really slept? Meet the sleep special for you and Lova world, let us define your sleep through.